Frequently Asked Questions


Is it true that silicon-carbide seal will leak after being idle for a long period of time?


Have you ever heard this statement? "Silicon-carbide seal sitting for long periods of time will be more vulnerable to leaks when started compared to carbon-ceramic."  Carbon or Synthetic carbon is a very soft material compared to Silicon-carbide. Because it is soft, a particulate-laced fluid (dirty water) can also result in a damaged seal. Silicon-carbide, while not as economical as ceramic or carbon, is much harder (HRA 91) and has excellent corrosion resistance. The real benefits of Silicon-carbide are low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, and a lower friction coefficient. A Silicon-carbide seal will run dry ten times longer and deal with abrasion six times longer than a standard seal.  KEEN PUMP has proven this seal is the best option due to our over (10) year success record of not only grinder pumps, but solids-handling non-clogs as well.  Of the nearly 20,000 grinder pumps we have out in the field and over 3,000 solids-handling non-clogs sold to date, the numbers speak for themselves.  I can assure you there have been many, many of these pumps that have set for six months or longer before put into operation and are running to date.  KEEN PUMP will continue using Silicon-carbide seals in our pumps.

KEEN PUMP Co. President, Gregg Keener